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Fringe for oriental rugs
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Oriental Fringe

Oriental Rug Fringe Chart - $15

Oriental rug fringe brochure

Above you will see our Oriental Rug Fringe brochure, which many of you are already familiar with. Below you will find each of these fringe styles listed individually. Click on any of the oriental rug fringe images to get a better view as well as a detailed description of that fringe.

Please contact our office with any questions you might have regarding our oriental rug fringe or any of our other products. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

(Click images to view details.)
oriental rug fringe         oriental rug fringe OR-1        oriental rug fringe
oriental rug fringe         oriental rug fringe         oriental rug fringe
oriental rug fringe         oriental rug fringe         oriental rug fringe

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Please direct all correspondence via the following methods:

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Phone: 508-992-7563 or 800-759-3746
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